Musical Theory Class

Jul 07, 2015

Jubilee Kenya has been encouraging members to participate in individual and group musical practice. Most notably has been guitar and piano classes which have been running smoothly even though there have been a few challenges with the general practice requirements which the team hopes to be stable soon. Among them is a suitable and conducive place for Jubilee musical training which the leadership is in the process of finding. After some meetings previously, the team discussed and came to a consensus on some group activities which the team is to take part in that go hand in hand with the jubilee mission. Among them are a monthly jubilee meeting for team progress discussions and spiritual formation; Regular team song practices; monthly worship concerts; monthly retreats to help in team building and unity, and a few others. Among the activities to facilitate evangelism and impact people especially the youth for Christ, Friday night Jubilee fellowships at a neighboring campus was a popular suggestion, but due to some inevitable circumstances at the moment, they were postponed and are to begin in the near future. Once they begin, the team believes that they can serve as a motivational factor for constant practice in particular besides the main purpose which is to evangelize and build the Jubilee fellowship and church. Moreover as God opens other new doors for the team, it would be ready to participate as a complete band. In the meantime jubilee prepares for their monthly Worship concert which is scheduled to take place on 12th July. Through it, we hope that people can meet with God and experience him in a new and deeper way. We can continue praying that God may grow the team and guide it to realize its goals and mission even as it aims to help pioneer Jubilee World in other African countries.